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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Paul A. Nicholas

Little is known about Nicholas. He produced many beautiful watercolour paintings of birds of all varieties and other nature scenes, incorporating woodlands and river banks. Paintings appeared in the 1960s and 1970s — he was active at least 1964-72 — but I have not traced any books illustrated by Nicholas. It is possible that he was an amateur, albeit talented, painter rather than a full-time illustrator.

Examples of artwork by Paul A. Nicholas can be found for sale at the Illustration Art Gallery.


  1. He was showing his work at Birdland Gallery in Bourton on the Water in 1968.

  2. He lived in Bourton on the Water.

    He died a few years ago and some of his works were sold, but the majority left in his house were kept by my grandparents who were his only real friends when he died.

  3. Thanks for the comment. I have now managed to track down a small notice about his death in May 2007, aged 64.

  4. I have just found this web site. I own 2 water colours from Paul A. Nicholas. One, which I have mislaid - featured either Ringed, or Little Ringed Plovers. The second is entitled Fieldfare on Beech, and is dated 1973. I believe I purchased both from Bourton. At the time I was told that because of a disability he painted most,if not all, his pictures from looking out of his bedroom window; and with the use of a telescope. I was also informed that he created a production line whereby on one day he would paint only legs, for example and the next day would paint heads and then bodies. I also remember that possibly in the 1970's (?) he produced a series of Christmas cards for the RSPB.

    1. Just received a water colour by Paul Nichols entitled kingfishers 1976 interesting to know a little more about the man

  5. David W. November 18,2013.
    I have a number of bird paintings by Paul A Nicolas that I bought at the Bourton Gallery around about 1970. I was, and still am enthralled by his work as a disabled artist. I never met him, but I understood at the time, that Mr Len Hills, who owned both the Birdland Gardens and the Art Gallery was a great supporter of the artist and his work.

  6. I have a painting of a pair of long tailed tits which was puchased in Bourton during 1978. It is painted on a dark tinted paper with a background of hawthorn foliage typical of his illustrative style. The picture was sold framed but without a mount which seems an odd choice of presentation by today's standards. I vaguely remember being told that he was disabled in some way. I bought this picture whilst still a student and as my knowledge and taste has changed it is not something I would choose today

  7. I have what look to be two small prints of Nicholas' work, framed by Lewis and Clayton Limited. Does anybody know whether his work was sold as prints?

  8. I think I have two small paintings from this artist. my grandmother used to drive him either to college or school for the deaf in Stockton/Middlesbrough, he gave them to her. one is sheep by a stream and the other a country lane with the back of a man walking a sheep dog.

  9. I was in the same class as Paul at the Middlesbrough College of Art in the early 60's. I remember him well as an accomplished water colour artist, his paintings/illustrations of birds and horses working the plough were brilliant. He came to mind when watching 'Countryfile' on TV, I used to have one of his paintings from those days but sadly lost in time. Very sad to read he has died.....if true.

  10. I have a Christmas card issued by The Yorkshire Naturalists' Trust, probably sometime in the late 60s, featuring Peacock Butterflies by Paul Nicholas. I found it amongst my brother's things when he died in 2009.

  11. I met Paul in 1975 outside the Birdland gallery, he was in a wheel chair being pushed by his mother. During our conversation she told my wife and I that he has Cerebal Palsy, which had terribly effected the use of his hands and arms. He had crippling arthritis in both hands, so being the man he was , he started painting with the brush between his toes, as far as I remember, he could use either foot.

    After speaking to Len Hill, I commissioned five paintings of Macaws, size is approx 24 high x 12' wide, it took him 3 years to complete. All the paintings are watercolours, the price for all his effort was £35.00 per painting. I still have all five to this day.

    David Kay.